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myPhoneDesktop - essential tools for every type of smartphone user."Beam whatever you're viewing on your desktop - Google Maps, articles - onto your phone. Just install a companion app on your computer and hit keyboard shortcut, and the link shows up on your device, where it automatically opens in the right app. You can even make calls and send texts through your phone from the desktop."

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iPhone on your Desktop | myPhoneDesktop"I clearly prefer the MyPhoneDesktop because of its superior desktop app, handy contact management, full SMS support, and its ability to work with local images."

Pasteboard utilities get data from your computer to your mobile device | Brian Beam, Macworld

"myPhoneDesktop (or MPD) is a gem of the iOS world. The US$5 universal iOS apppairs with desktop software on your Mac, Windows or Linux PC, and it allows you to send text, phone numbers and even images to your iOS device. While there are lots of pasteboard sharing apps (like Pastebot) that allow two-way sharing of pasteboard data, I find myself using MPD much more often because it is simpler and easier to use.

Since I first reviewed it, MPD has been continually improved and updated, including support foriCab Mobile on iOS devices as well as GoodReader and even GV Connect, which means that you can place a call through Google Voice on your iPhone from a message sent from your computer!"

The best Mac and iOS apps I used in 2010 | TJ Luoma, TUAW

"Also, if you're a Chrome to Phone user, you can pretty much get that exact functionality on your iPhone with Chrome to iPhone. Chrome to iPhone now works with multiple browsers, so if you're not an iPhone user you still have options. If you're willing to pay, you may want to consider trying the more feature-rich MyPhoneDesktop"

Jumping Ship from Android to iPhone: A Switcher's Guide | Adam Dachis, Lifehacker

"an app like myPhoneDesktop pushes data quickly from your computer to your iOS device. Once it arrives, it helps you send that information to the relevant source or copy it to the clipboard."

iOS Apps We'd Love to See in the Mac App Store | Adam Dachis, Lifehacker

"It [myPhoneDesktop] transforms the way you move data from a Mac to an iPhone, simplifying the process along the way."

myPhoneDesktop controls and sends information to your iPhone or iPad | TJ Luoma, TUAW

"MyPhoneDesktop Links Your Computer and iDevice the Way Apple Should Have" Froyo? That's just what the myPhoneDesktop app eats after a hard day of wirelessly zapping links, text and images from your computer to your iPhone or iPad - a taste of the mouthwatering functionality Google demoed on Android last week. It almost seems ludicrous to heap so much praise on an app that accomplishes such a stupidly simple task, but the other side of that coin is realizing just how ludicrous it is that iPhones and iPads don't have this type of integration to begin with. For iDevice users who've been yearning for that connection, MyPhoneDesktop will help you go back to the days when the only froyo you secretly craved was Pinkberry's."

MyPhoneDesktop Links Your Computer and iDevice the Way Apple Should Have | Kyle VanHemert, Gizmodo

"myPhoneDesktop offers an elegant solution to a problem that is a real pain for many of us. The desktop client works perfectly, the web-client is easy to use and the data is sent almost instantly. The fact that there is a client for Mac, Windows and Linux show that a lot of effort has gone into making MPD work for everyone."

myPhoneDesktop - Android Intents For Your iDevice | Robb Lewis, AppAdvice

myPhoneDesktop for iPhone ($5) and its companion desktop app allows you to send any data from your clipboard to your iPhone. The app's really, really good…


"myPhoneDesktop creates a wireless sync between your computer and your iPhone/iPhone touch/iPad. It's very easy to setup and use. So if you have a long complicated URL tht you need to go to your iPad, or you want to send a long SMS message on your iPhone, or you want to add a photo to a contact on your iPod touch, you can create this content on your computer and send it right to your device over the air."

BestAppSite by Terry White

"I really enjoy using this app. I didn't run into any problems during my setup or testing. This app works for me because I am constantly sharing data between my computer and iPad. myPhoneDesktop provides a clear and direct way to transmit that data effectively. There is no delay between the time I hit send on my computer and when my iPad receives the data. I like searching the web for iPad wallpapers and I can now easily transfer any picture to my iPad instantly through this service."


"myPhoneDesktop gives a solution to a problem that many of us just accept as an acceptable nuisance. We shouldn't need to email notes to ourselves and this app is perfect for that and much more. The fact that this can be done even when you are at a computer other than your own, via the web, really sets MPD above other apps in the same category. This is a definite must buy and won't be moving from my home screen for a long time to come."


"I'm not gonna delete MyPhoneDesktop from my iPhone anytime soon. I test many apps every week, but this is one that will stay, as it provides a dead simple way to share information across my computer and my phone with one click, in two seconds. It doesn't require an active local network, bonjour, wifi or anything: you have a 3G connection on the iPhone? Fine, you can use it. Whenever you want, to do what you want. Sure it can be more polished, especially on the Mac side of things, but it definitely works, with minimal setup time and effort. And that's exactly what I was looking for."


myPhoneDesktop video review


"Slick, smooth telepathy between desktop and iPhone… It doesn't clog up your inbox with inane notes you no longer use. What the app does with the info is automated if you want it to be -- phone numbers launch the phone app, URLs launch Safari, etc. And you don't have to bring up your desktop email client or browser, sign in, address it to yourself, paste the message to the body, hit send, assure the app that it's OK to send this thing without a subject line, bring up your iPhone's email app, copy the info, open another app, and paste it there. Instead of all that, it's just CTRL+C+C."


"myPhoneDesktop provides a very efficient way to use your computer and iPhone together with ease. If you are a person who uses both extensively in your workflow, you will see a huge benefit in productivity and decrease in mind numbing workaround we used to do for simple tasks"

Top iPhone Resource

"I CAN tell you that it [myPhoneDesktop] does what I wanted to do, and does it very, very well THEY [myPhoneDesktop] have won a customer for life, and possibly even a partner in selling their product!"

David Anderson

"This is an awesome app that lets you do all sorts of things and get stacks of different kinds of info onto any of your iDevices .. in a flash."


"I think I find this app exciting because it's making it way easier to communicate and send files between your desktop computer and your mobile device without having to plug anything in. It's one of the problems Apple needs to address natively without the need for such apps, but for now, this app does a great job!"

Life with an iPhone

"This app provides seamlessly integration between your iDevice and computer by allowing you to take advantage of your PC's full size keyboard and screen and the mobility of your iPhone or iPad without interrupting your workflow."


"That's a very simple yet very useful application. I usually send myself emails with text, images or phone numbers really often and it can be a little cumbersome. Now I can send a phone number effortlessly and assign it to a contact or call it directly from my iPhone."

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"I was suspicious of the universally great reviews, but I think I get why. It's simple, elegant, and it works. $5 isn't much in the grand scheme of things, but it's a price point that should be reserved for the slickest, most useful apps. This one fits the bill."

"This app gets better and better all the time. Just when you think there was no need for improvement, the developer thinks of something new, and useful to add. It's just perfect! I really mean it. This app does it all - no need for any other similar apps. Thanks developer, and keep up the good work!"

"Great app - well executed and used daily."

"This program works great and is easy to use. Apple should have included these features directly in the os. Luckily we have an app to pick up the slack."

"I use this app more than I actually thought I would. One of my must-haves."

"Very handy app. Was tired of emailing stuff to myself."

"This app rocks… The possibilities are enormous… I find a new use for it every day…"

"This program has proved itself useful over and over again. I highly recommend it to anyone tired of emailing links and text to themselves."

"Saves me all kind of time and tapping. The developer seems like a good guy too. Can't go wrong here. Great work, thanks for making such a useful app."

"Good stuff. Functionality that Apple should have built in."

"A strong contender for top honors for productivity apps. I use it all the time."

"Love this app!!"

"This app is one of those that you don't know how truly great it is until you've got it! It'll save you lots of eye-strain and frustration when typing those long text messages, you'll instantly be able to send that photo that's sitting on your Mac, and you can cut, paste, send that impossibly long URL and just click on it once you have! Really, don't hesitate, buy this app! "

"It works great with desktop application, there are no problems. Support is quick. Worth to buy."

"If you need to get critical information/data to your phone but are at work or on a someone else's computer this App can get it to your phone. For those without administrative access to your local desktop, you can run it from an internet browser. I own over 300 Apps and this one is in my top 5."

"This is a good app … it does what it's supposed to and that's saying a lot these days."

"Love the app easy to use no wires"

"I downloaded this app to help me in a telephone calling competition we had at work in the sales team. Myself and my team mate made 50% more calls than the other team as a result of being able to dial so many more numbers so much more quickly - more numbers = more calls = more opportunities = more money!"

"Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! No more needs to be said… :-)"

"I was dreaming the other day of an app just like this one and today I accidentally stumbled upon myPhoneDesktop-- it's perfect, exactly what I had wanted!"

"The developer seems very responsive to feedback, and it sounds like there are some exciting updates in the pipeline!"

"I have to admit, I feel like Jack Bauer when using this app-- "I'm sending the location to your iphone" … Although for me rather than the location of a sting operation it's the location of a grocery store where my girlfriend wants me to pick up milk :) Overall a very useful and well implemented app!"

"I love this app. Makes it so easy to swap pics between my phone and desktop pc and vice versa. The web app side of it comes in very handy when I find a site that I like when browsing on my pc and want to send it quickly to my phone to use in safari. Overall very good and highly recommend it"

"Best app I own, love the drag and drop picture feature"

"What an amazing App, it works and very well, making it one of the most useful App's for me. Keep up the good work."

"This app is great. Am using it to pass messages from a custom application on my PC to my iPod and is working well."

"Works as advertised -- works flawlessly, and ingenious use of push notifications. Support for Linux desktops is very much appreciated. Great job!"

"I enjoy using the app. Convenient and interfaces seamlessly."

"Wow. I've owned every iPhone that has been released so far, downloaded a bucket load of apps - and yet this is the first review I've ever wrote. Why? Well because this app, while technically a simple concept, has completely changed how I use my phone. It's quick and easy. It's so fluid. It's all handled so perfectly. Thank you for making my life a lot easier!"

"Staying in touch with friends is so much easier by writing SMS on my PC."

"This app is amazing!!! We had it first, take that google!!!!"

"myPhoneDesktop does a very good job at next best thing - piping text directly onto the phone for use. I have a few other paste-from-desktop apps, but they never get used now that I have mPD."

"I could repeat the other positive reviews posted here, but let me just add there's no synchronization mumbo jumbo about your computer and iPhone/iPad being on the same network, etc. It just works. This is truly a must have app, I've got it on page one of both my iPhone 3GS and iPad 3G."

"There are still some kinks to be ironed out but this is by far the easiest way to type SMSs for your iPhone."

"Fantastic app, adds mucho functionality."

"I am enjoying this app. I keep finding new ways it can help me daily."

"This is probably one of the most useful utilities for the iPhone and iPad. It is consistently helping me in my daily activities and works perfectly. Thank you!"

"All in all a very useful app and very recommendable. Until Apple decides to come up with a native way of sending SMS from your desktop, myPhoneDesktop is a great tool."

"A small, unobtrusive app that makes transferring URLs, images and text from your desktop to your iPhone or iPad as simple as you could imagine. The dev is helpful and quick to provide updates based on feedback. Well worth the low cost and strongly recommended."

"An app that truly delivers what it says. SMS feature is wonderful, thank you"

"It comes in handy when you need it. Keep up the great ideas and apps."

"I love this App. I have about 9 pages of apps and this is probably my favorite. I am a graphic designer and this App allows an easy transfer of images from desktop to iphone."

"Very useful app. I'm looking forward to the *true* background capability on IOS4 (which I'll get once I upgrade to a 3GS or iPhone 4)."

"The software does exactly what is advertised and works great!"

"Ever since BluePhoneElite went missing as I switched to iPhone I have been wishing for some better interaction between desktops and the iPhone (and iPad!). This app does that as well as Apple will allow (which is pretty good). I love being able to compose SMSs on my desktop and them appearing on the iPhone. Awesome."

"This app is a great idea. I use it all the time when looking up addresses on my laptop that I then copy using ctrl+C+C, this sends it to my iPhone and the iPhone clipboard ready to be pasted into google maps."

"I use it now and again. I love the fact that if I'm not at my own PC I can log on to it from the web browser application. I use it to send long texts, or for things like when I'm logging on to a wireless network with a long wep key, I use this to copy the key to my phone"

"This app really saves me a lot a of time and crosses a severe gap between my desktops and my iPhone when I need to send people data, graphics and simply copy texts. I compose all my SMS messages on my PC in MyPhoneDesktop and swiftly send them with the iPhone. No more frustration about the iPhone keyboard… I have it installed on my laptop, PC and iMac and never want to do without it anymore. Keep up the good work!"

"I must say thanks to the people who made this as for me with big fingers it's a god send for me and I use it all the time. well done and I hope you will continue to develop this."

"Great app fully deserving of a space on the iPhone Home Screen"

"It works as described, thus very useful. Excellent."

"When it first surfaced I wasn't really sure what to make of it but bought it anyway. I'm pleased I did. It's so useful if you are sat at your Mac a lot and need to interact with your iPhone. Sending SMS and placing calls is nice and easy and getting text and images from your Mac to your iPhone is nice and simple. There is a lot of potential here and I'm sure more will come. Well worth the investment."

"I found this software really simple to use and works very well."

"Seamless integration between iPhone and desktop. Definitely the missing link."

"I have been waiting for an app like this since the day I got my iPhone the ability to send data directly to my phone at the press of a button is fantastic and something I now use daily."

"Sending SMS from my desktop is the best!"

"Very useful app, works flawlessly"

"Very helpful. Crazy easy. Worth it if you need what it does."

"Bottom line - this application helps me get more things done in less time. As a result, I have more time to focus on existing customers and driving new business."

"I'm using this primarily for the phone feature. It's helpful to be able to grab a phone number from my MacBook Pro (be it in the address book or an email) and send it to my iP4 that's sitting in the charger This program coupled with my Bluetooth earpiece makes it almost a total hands free operation when I need to call out ..... almost ....."

"Love to be able to work on my desktop and send data to my phone… Wonderful. Thanks for a great app.."

"Works flawlessly. I also love the shortcut key "ctrl+C+C" to quickly send clipboard to my iPhone!"

"Fantastic app. I use it constantly. Very impressed with the cross-platform functionality. Win, osx, and nix all look and function perfectly. Love it!"

"Yes it has to link into your iPhone or Touch but how else do you expect this wonderful app to work. Soooooo easy and and so useful. Easiest way to get keyboard input or file info from your PC to your device. Get it! It will make your digital life so much easier."

"It takes me forever to type on that wee iPhone keyboard, regardless of whether I'm using the standard or landscape keyboard. The idea of being able to easily type an SMS or email on my laptop and then send it to my iPhone for dissemination is just grand! The other features of this app are awesome, too! You won't regret buying it!"

"This app is very useful for my mobile browser testing. Especially not having to type long urls in. I think the feature set is progressing and I look forward to the future enhancements."

"Worth the download. Apple will have something like this available soon."

"buy it. use it. love it. 10stars…."

"By transporting info from desktop to iPhone, the iPhone is no longer an isolated island in your home computing environment."

"Absolutely great. Blissfully convenient and pain free to use."

"Worth the download. Apple will have something like this available soon."

"Almost as good as bluephone elite, and that says alot!"

"The missing link in iPhone/PC Communication"

"Awesome, just awesome..I love this app."

"Simple, elegant and works beautifully"